SWD M-11 Project

I wanted to turn the M-11 into a useful SMG instead of a simple bullet hose.  By applying the proper amount of cash and my minimal mechanical skills to the problem, this is the result.

RANGE TEST:  2-12-2006   images/2-12-2006 Impact Zone Lage Upper/2-12-2006 Lage Upper Impact Zone-Edit 1_0004.wmv

3-5-2006:   How to Convert CDNN Magazines w/ Test fire: images/M-11 Lage Upper/M-11- Converting Mags.wmv

3-19-2006:  Rate of Fire Comparison w/ PACT timer: images/M-11 Lage Upper/M-11 Slowfire Upper Rate of Fire Comparison.wmv

Step 1:  The package from Lage




Stepo 2: 

The stock, plastic safety sucked

Drive out the roll pin with a small hammer and punch.  Reverse the operation with the new safety and roll pin.


The new Safety is actually usable while operating the SMG  Its solid steel or aluminum.



Step 2:  CAR Stock

Its too high to use the iron sights comfortably.

Step 3- Tactical Innovations Paddle Mag Release

The old mag latch- you can see the plastic original safety in the middle bottom of the photo

The only problem is that this Tactical-Innovations paddle Mag latch doesn't work with the back grip that Lage Produces.  


Step 4- Lage Grip

I didn't get any photos of this part of the installation.


Step 5- Lage Slowfire Upper

Fit and finish were perfect as I would expect from this piece of art.

Step 6- The finished product

The finished product. 



1.   I had to move the ARMS Mount forward so I wouldn't bust my knuckles on the ARMS mount when I actuated the cocking handle.

2.  The CAR stock is too high to use the iron sights.  Not a problem for me as I use the AIMPOINT.



MAGAZINES- Argentinean Magazines from CDNN








Step 7- The Range Trip- Impact Zone  2-12-2006





images/2-12-2006 Impact Zone Lage Upper/2-12-2006 Lage Upper Impact Zone-Edit 1_0004.wmv




These mags are impossible to load without a loader.  

The one from Cobray fits and works like a charm.



CDNN South African/Argentinean Magazines:  I can't figure out if these are the vaunted South African mags or Argentinean mags.  they do not fit my Lage Upper without a little, minor modification.


One theory is the simply grind a little off the top of the feed lips.  See the pictures included above.

The better theory- Use a mill machine to mill out the magazine catch slot and enlarge it from .21 to .24.




15 Mags, NIW fro CDNN                                         Here is a mag in the mill

                                 Here are 6 modified mags.                                                                      Unmodified top and modified bottom


Same photo, but with writing removed for clarity




How to Convert CDNN Magazines w/ Test fire:  images/M-11 Lage Upper/M-11- Converting Mags.wmv










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